Baltimore Chops and Thursday’s Major League Thoughts 

The Blue Jays Biggest Issue 

The Toronto Blue Jays are off to a solid start, but they have one major issue that is yet to change. That would be beating pitchers who fit a particular mold. They have struggled mightily hitting a legitimate ace, something a playoff caliber team has to do, and if not, you need to crush on inexperienced starters which they also have not done.

In 13 games so far, these are the starting pitchers they have faced who are 25 and younger: Luis Severino, Reynaldo Lopez, Carson Fulmer and Dylan Bundy. The four pitchers have combined for a 2.28 earned run average against the Blue Jays. All these guys have great stuff, but they are also young and wild.

The Jays have had opportunities against each one of these men (Particularly Lopez and Fulmer), and they have not come through. For me to take them seriously, they’ve got to pound on these young guys as they do against aging veterans like Miguel Gonzalez and Matt Moore.

What to do with Kendrys Morales

I would explore the idea of using Kendrys Morales as a full-time pinch-hitter when he comes back. These new glasses are not helping him hit an inside curveball at all. He is striking out 32.0% of the time. The signing was not a good one, clearly, but he still does bring value. Facing pitchers with a weaker repertoire may help Morales turn things around, but for the time being, Gibby should use the DH slot as a rotational spot.

A Great Day for Baseball

The game is better when the Yankees and Red Sox don’t like each other. Therefore, Wednesday was a good day for baseball. It may have been a four-hour match, but who cares? This is what fans want, competitiveness… not mound visits. 

Keep Facebook and Baseball Separated

Imagine waking up every day watching your favorite team play on the good ‘ol television in the family room. You wake up one day, turn the TV on, and you find out your favorite team’s game is only being broadcasted on Facebook. You don’t have a computer, you don’t have Wifi, and now you don’t have baseball to watch. This is what I have to say: Major Leauge Baseball, there are millions of fans who have been watching baseball for 50 years and don’t have Facebook. Are you seriously allowing a game to be broadcasted only on Facebook? Even fans who buy MLBTV can’t watch the game! Please stop the madness, don’t do this for the money. It’s hurting the great fans who love the game.

Did you know?

Did you know Ty Cobb’s last hit came North of the Border? I didn’t. Read: Here

Did you know Ralph Kiner played for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Read: Here

Did you know both of the Blue Jays Rookie of the Year award winners are coaching together with the Los Angeles Angels? Eric Hinske and Alfredo Griffin.

Did you know Charlie Grimm and Buck Martinez are the only men to have been a player, manager and play-by-play commentator for one franchise?


Jesse Levine has a tremendous interest in all aspects of baseball. He cares for Sabermetrics and Statcast but is truly an old-school baseball fan who loves the history of the greatest game in the world. It doesn’t matter if you want to talk about Andrelton Simmons’ UZR or 1954 he loves Talkin’ Baseball.

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