Coming Soon to Canuck Baseball Plus:

The Continental Baseball Podcast

with Jesse Levine


The Podcast

Jesse Levine created the Continental Baseball Podcast in March of 2018. The latest news in the world of baseball will be recapped and expanded upon. Listeners will learn about the history of baseball, the future of baseball, and be challenged with a regular trivia question. Levine provides a passionate, unique view of the game and is straight to the point. He says it as it is, and doesn’t sugar coat anything. 

The Name

In 1959, a third professional baseball league was proposed, called; The Continental League. The idea assembled by William Shea was created with the intent of expanding baseball to more cities, and once again bringing a second team to the town of New York. The Continental League would’ve brought Toronto, a major league baseball team by the year 1961. But the idea was dismissed when the MLB agreed to add eight teams, without adding a new league. A Toronto club was not one of the eight teams added, but Montreal did get themselves a team when they joined the National league in 1969.

The Reason

Jesse Levine has a huge passion for baseball’s history. The Continental Baseball Podcast allows Levine to pay tribute to one of the most significant proposals to never assemble. Without William Shea, the Mets may never have existed, but more importantly, the Montreal Expos may have never gotten a ballclub.  Levine may never have loved baseball, and Canuck Baseball Plus would not have been built. So here it is, The Continental Baseball Podcast hosted by Jesse Levine.


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